Get MEWZIL Light Bite, Regular Bite, and Hard Bite at 15% OFF!

Light Bite (55lbs)

For beginners


Out of stock

Regular Bite (65lbs)

For those who used light Bite or have sharp teeth


Hard Bite (80lbs)

For those who used Regular Bite


All Bites In One Pack & save Rs 1k

All In One


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Full Kit For Jawline


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Mewzils Ultra Sonic Tooth Brush


How To Use Mewzills


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Our Customer

My face was like totally round and I used in gym time for about 2 hours before going to sleep and now totally gone with my double chin. Your product is magic


Director, Expertz

Received. The Quality Is very good. Hope so ordering a regular bite soon .thank you so much.

Muhammad Ali

Web Developer, fiver

I like the quality and am satisfied with the product and customer care

thanks, Mewzils.

Ajab gul

Doctor, RMI

Received. Delivery was super fast. I like the product and it,s the same as you describe in the picture.

thank you so much

Ch Haris Ali

Accountant, Bahira Enclave


Your jaw muscle called masseter will increase in size making your jaw visually wider, and your face more masculine.


By growing jaw muscles you increase the contrast between your jaw and your neck which allows for a sharper shadow to be produced.
A jawline is nothing more but a shadow. A chiseled jawline is the one with the sharpest shadow.


Develop a masculine chiseled jawline with the second generation of our revolutionary chewable. Designed to efficiently put direct stress on jaw muscles when chewing. Comes with a soft touch carry case you can take anywhere you go. A small instruction sheet with 4 exercise routines and progress tracker are included in the box. Simple and convenient. MEWZIL will work as long as you actually use it. Given that you are regularly putting your teeth into it and are using the correct technique you will see an improvement after one month.

>10 minutes per day

> anywhere you want
> designed for fast results
> Soft tpuch carry case
> 4 exercise routines
> 2 chewable tabs

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